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NEXT PITCH NIGHT - 7th March 2022

DATE CLAIMER – Our next pitch night is scheduled for Monday the 7th of March at Fiction, Raby Bay Harbour commencing at 5.30pm. Come back soon for more details on the pitches and how to register.



Redlands startups that are solving local problems and creating globally scalable solutions.


The Redlands Angels have been founded by a group of local entrepreneurs, with a belief in building the capability and capacity of Redlands Startups.


Redlands Angels focuses on:

  • Encouraging and fostering entrepreneurship generally and in particular in the Redland City area
  • Integrating and creating connections with relevant individuals and organisations to attract innovative thinkers and entrepreneurial business ventures to Redland City
  • Providing a community voice to advocate for entrepreneurship and innovative activities in Redland City
  • Gathering and disseminating education information on entrepreneurship, innovation and Angel Investing
  • Facilitating Angel investment opportunities for innovative business ventures, and
  • Providing a collegiate forum for members interested in making Angel investments; to facilitate and their consideration and assessment of such opportunities


Redlands Angels hold ‘Pitch’ nights on alternate months, usually on the second Monday of the month.

Please contact us to be considered for pitching. We have a rigorous screening process and will happily provide an opportunity to stay in touch and to be kept up to date with the location of pitches and time.

Check out our Calendar to view our Upcoming Events



Looking for funding for your new venture?


Want to help support local startups grow into global markets?


Our investors work together to assess new opportunities, drawing upon subject matter experts. The investment is coordinated by the Angels management team to streamline the investment process.

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